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Ece Batur was born on 10th January 1998, in Ankara. She had a special interest in art from a young age and tried to reflect every emotion she experienced through painting. She has participated in different exhibitions at home and abroad since her childhood. As she grew up, her interest in art combined with her interest in design, and by attending the Graphic Design at Yeditepe University, she caught a field where he could combine art and design. While she was studying, she became interested in poster designs for social purposes. She designed posters against the injustices experienced in her country and the world. She had the opportunity to make her voice heard abroad through these designs.
After working in a corporate company for a while after graduation, she realized that what she wanted to do was not to live a corporate life but to live intertwined with art. Thereupon, she turned to paint and started to paint on women's rights, taboos created by society on sexual tendencies, sexist approaches, and other subjects she felt needed to be emphasized more. She continues to produce her art both by making digital art and working with acrylic and ink.

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